Truly private group discussion

Ponder is an online place for you and your people. Groups are invite-only, giving you full control over who can read and participate. Ponder is privacy focused by design — the things you write are not our business and we’ll never use them to show you ultra-targeted ads or anything gross like that.

Our small team at Good Enough built Ponder because we wanted a place for thoughtful group discussions. We think it’s the right tool for all kinds of groups you might be in: book clubs, movie clubs, creative groups, support groups, improv troupes, D&D parties, and maybe even your small business.

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Private by default.

Public group chat is too overwhelming and distracting. Deeper communication gets crowded out by all sorts of people firing off whatever thought pops into their head. Ponder is invite-only, so there’s no unexpected randos in your conversations.

We choose slow over instant.

Instant chat apps are great for quick exchanges, but they’re always dinging at you and demanding your immediate attention. Ponder is built to be slower, with paced notifications and a design that welcomes longer, more thoughtful responses.

A forum designed for this century.

Most forum tools still look stuck in the ’90s, and not in that fun “let’s bring back parachute pants” kind of way. Well-designed software doesn’t just look nice — it lowers a tool’s learning curve and makes it easy for anyone to participate.

Your conversations are yours, not ours.

We don’t build ridiculously complicated systems to scan your words and sell you ultra-targeted ads based on your 26 personality markers or some such nonsense. And we aren’t feeding an AI model we’ll use to take over the world. Honestly, even if we wanted to (we don’t!), we’re simply not smart enough to build that kind of software.

“I just had my first experience of reading Ponder on my phone,
and it’s really, really nice. Well done!”

James, the newest engineer at Good Enough
(he may be a bit biased)
Q. How much does Ponder cost?
Ponder is still very much an experiment, so it’s free while in beta. But unlike other free discussion software, we have no intention of selling your data or targeting you with ads, so we do plan to add some reasonable billing of some kind at some point. If you get in early, you can help shape the future of Ponder and what that might look like.
Q. Who are you? Why should I trust you?
It’s the internet, you shouldn’t. But we’re Good Enough, nice people who make nice stuff for the web. Some of us are dads, one of us has a dog , and most of us are decent people who just wanted a calm place to talk online.
Q. Is there a mobile app?
No, but James says Ponder works great on phones.
Q. What should I do if I have a question or idea for a new feature?
Email us! We’ll get back to you. We’re also on Mastodon, which is like Twitter but an elephant instead of a bird.
Try Ponder with your group today